Instruction Manual

NJ is the armpit of the United States — its cultural pariah — but two people together cannot be outcasts.

Affirm. Be honest. Listen. Be sincere. Bond in search of shared values. Be patient. Discover other NJ citizens who are also simply trying. Cooperate and organize. Defend and support one another.

We are the person trying to fight the boardwalk game attendant, drunk in broad daylight; we are the Blue Hole in the Pine Barrens; we are dollar coffee and disco fries at 1am; we are the family-owned ice cream shop you recommend instead of Dairy Queen. We are your town’s Hot Bagel. We are the forgotten farms and farmers struggling from Cape May to High Point. We are one of seven Italian restaurants within walking distance of your home, the best one. We are the pitas from a Halal restaurant in Paterson. We are the wandering spirits of Action Park. We are all paying the nation’s highest auto insurance rates, and none of us pump our own gas.

Xanadu/American Dream is none of these but as the true sweat, blood, and piss of NJ, we can continue to be all of these things by collectively re-bargaining our Terms and Conditions.

We can reject our self-perpetuating political machine, seize its cogs, and laugh in the face of its operators.

We can bear witness to the shame that is the Xanadu/American Dream public works project, the dilapidated crossroad of our grievances. We can speak to the truth of what it is: a sham, a joke, a boondoggle, but through our taxes, both yours and mine.

We, and you, and I, and all of this is Xanadu and not Xanadu, and this can be both communally and individually empowering in the right direction.


(This manual is alive, and subject to change).